Container Expressway Rubber Tyre Straddle Carrier Manufacturer

Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes(RTG) are special equipments to remove, load and unload international standard containers. Running and moving in the yard, it has the advantage of high production efficiency and fine maneuverability, also the small sensibility to unevenness of the ground. RTG has tractor trolley and standard trolley two models. RTG is powered by cable drum. At the same time, diesel generating set is equipped for conditions when the power is off or the crane moves to another yard.

Main Parameter
1. Load capacity: 20 t to 900 t 2. Span: 6 m - 50 m 3. Max.Lifting Height: 18m 4. Structurte: Box / truss structure type 6. Character: Single girder/Double griders 7. Power Supply : Diesel generating set /380v-50hz,3Phase A.C 8. Grade ability: 1%-2% 9. Control mode: Remote/Cabin control 10 Running mode:Straight/across/diagonal 11. Image Design: Classic design (Ruby red, ruby blue, white)
Nucleon(Xinxiang)Crane Co.,Ltd,
  • Certification Nucleon Crane has been audited by many international authority such as CE/ISO/SGS/BV/GOST/RTN/TUV and so on.
  • Packaging Details Our marine crane normal export package:Wooden pallet,Rack wooden,20' and 40' container,Nude or According to your demands.
  • Delivery Detail Shipped in 20 days after payment.

 Straddle Carrier

1.With a special spreader is mainly used for loading and unloading of large bridges and transitions.

2.The crane can achieve 90 degree rotation suitable for multi-span use.
3.Lifting adopts four points lifting and three-points balance,to ensure that wire rope in balance force.
4.Trolley using hydraulic push rod device can achieve a variety of lifting of the bridge, while saving costs.

1.900 wheel type beam hoister combines multiple advanced technologies, like wheel type hydraulic suspension drive technology, large capacity hydraulic lift control technology and pilot proportional multiway control technology, and the mechanical-electric-hydraulic integrated control technology. The flexible suspension system can achieve automaticleveling of the travel system at different work conditions. The producthas 64 tyres, 32 suspensions, 8 drive axles/24 driven axles, and it can achieve straight travel, inclined travel, and pivot steering, etc.
2.It adopts work mode of 4 points hoist and 3 points balance and a cab of full view.The beam hoister adopts distributed control technology based on CAN bus, which controls the motion of engine, pump, motor, hydraulic valves, etc. achieving multiple functions like synchronization, anti-slip, coordinated steering, etc.
3.The outriggers adopt the unique tower shape structure, featuring high strength and stability, which improves the work stability of the main working machine and improves the usage of railway construction equipment.It can bring wide social and economic benefits.