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Nucleon provides various overhead cranes, single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, Europe standard overhead crane, grab overhead crane, casting overhead crane, etc.


Overhead Crane


Overhead Bridge Crane Systems

- Overhead Cranes range in capacity from 1 to 600 ton offered.

- We offer top running and under running cranes

- Software is utilized to optimize girder selections, verify code compliance and minimize deflections.

- Liftsafe selects only the finest components that meet CMAA, FEM, ISO, and CSA standards.

- Crane and runway manufacturing are completed by qualified welders, meeting our most stringent of quality controls.

- Bridge crane panels are ESA inspected prior to shipping. Variable frequency drive systems are provided for smooth operation.

- Pendant and radio control systems available.

- Custom PLC systems available for semi-automated application



Overhead crane design options

Every overhead crane is custom designed and built to suit the customer’s requirements.

Height of lift/max height: Any

Span: Any

Capacity (safe working load): From a few kg to over 100 tonnes

Gantry steel work: Raised runway beams or freestanding gantry steel work

Long travel operation: Manual, electric, pneumatic

Vertical hoisting operation: Manual, electric, pneumatic

Hoist cross travel operation: Manual, electric, pneumatic

Environments: Indoor, outdoor, marine, explosive

Delivery, installation, testing & servicing: Available



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The general uses of overhead cranes are as varied as the industries they serve. Common applications include:

Warehousing — To move large, heavy products to and from docks and loading areas

Assembly — To move products through the production process from start to finish

Transportation — To load railcars and trailers with finished cargo

Storage — To transport and organize bulky loads




Overhead cranes require routine maintenance to ensure a long life of safe, reliable lifting.

Checking the hoist’s upper travel limit switch

Ensuring that the wire rope is not kinked or wearing

Listening for any unusual sound

Checking for exposed wiring

Observing the hook motion for consistent travel and responsiveness

Be sure to follow the OEM recommended inspection schedule; with proper maintenance, an overhead crane can last for over 50 years.



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