Export 300 tons yacht crane to Iran

 In distant Persian Gulf, the sky is blue and the sea. at Bushire port of  Iran, majestically stands a blueyacht transporter that weighs 300t. This transporter, designed and manufactured independently by Nucleon , added a beautiful  blue scenery to local busy port.

Yacht transporter is made up of power system, electrical control system, hydraulic control system, hoisting system, traveling system, steering system, jacking system and lifting point regulation system. The girder is 22.5 meters long and the lifting height is 15 meters. It use double girder structure,  moving lifting point means and replace the trolley with a total of 4 hydraulic winch, which makes it is capable to spin and move side way. In a word, it can satisfy customers' need of different working condition.


Previously, yacht transporter industry was monopolized by foreign enterprises. And very few factories in China could design, manufacture and assemble this equipment independently . The technicians of Nucleon are brave in exploring new frontiers, challenging difficulties and overcoming problems. They solved a series of tough problems, successfully developed 300-ton yacht transporter and finally broke the largest tonnage record of this exported equipment in China at the first try.