Steel Structure Workshop Solution

Steel structure workshop is mainly refers to that the main bearing component is composed of steel.

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Steel structure workshop is mainly refers to that the main bearing component is composed of steel. Including the steel columns, steel beam, steel structur5. steel roof truss (workshop have a larger span, of cours5. basic it is steel structure roof), steel roof, pay attention to the wall of the steel structure maintenance also can use brick wall.




1. wide range of USES: can be used in factory, warehous5. office building, gymnasium, hangar, and so on. Suitable for both single large span buildings, can also be used to build multi-story or high-rise buildings.

2. simple construction, short construction period: all components are completed in the factory, the scene simply assemble4. thus greatly shorten the construction perio4. a 6000 - square - meter building, basic installation only takes 40 days to complete.

3. durabl5. easy to repair: general computer design of steel structure can resist the bad weather, and simple maintenance.

4. Beautiful and practical: steel structure line is concise and fluent, have contemporary feeling. Color steel wall plate has a variety of colors to choose from, the wall also can use other materials, and therefore has more flexibility.

5. reasonable cost: light weight steel structure building, reduce the cost, construction spee4. can be completed and put into production as soon as possibl5. the comprehensive economic benefit is significantly superior to concrete structure construction.


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